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We Specialize in Country Dancing, But our dance instructors also teach Ballroom Dancing, Wedding First Dance Choreography to all kinds of music, Latin & Salsa Dancing Lessons, Traditional Swing Dance & Country Swing, Line Dancing to country music, latin music, ballroom music, contemporary, Classical, and all music styles!  

At our Country western dancing studios we teach social country dance and ballroom style country dance. The social style is more free form and uses elements of swing / jitterbug swing styles of dancing in the country 2-step. This social style of dance may also have some latin dancing elements. Since Texas is so close to Mexico, a lot of country western dancing can look a little like some of the social latin dances like the cumbia, salsa, and tejano dancing. The country social style of dance is more typical for what you would see out at a local Texas bar. 

Many country western dancers also dance a more structured style of country western dancing that is more influence by modern ballroom dancing. If you are looking for this style, we have many dance instructors that also teach from the country western dancing syllabus, where the dancing patterns are broken down into Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels of dance. This style of country western dance is really the proper way to country dance anywhere, regardless of where you go dancing. If you are looking for a polished and smooth look, consider learning more of the ballroom country style! This will really help you and your partner stand out on the dance floor!

Whether you are new to country dancing, looking to brush or clean up what you currently do, or ready to sample a different style, or maybe learn some new techniques.....our dance instructors can structure your dance lessons around your personal dancing needs and dance style. 

Learn to dance to a variety of country western music! Learn to understand how to tell the difference between a country two step, country polka, country triple two, country waltz, country swing, country west coast swing, western swing, country cha cha cha, or country line dance. Learn a dance routine to a special song of your choice or to a bunch of different songs! 

Our country western dance teachers can answer any questions or address any concerns you might have about your dancing. Learn to be a better leader or follower in any style of dance. Learn to understand rhythm and how to find the beat when you go dancing! 

We recommend scheduling an "introductory dance lesson". This will give your instructor and you an opportunity to do some dancing and go over your interests, desires, and expectations. This lesson is only $10. You can come alone or with a dance partner.

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