Swing Dancing Lessons

in Houston & San Antonio, Texas

Swing dance is a group of dances that developed with the styles of music in the 1920s–1940s. 

There are many styles and variations on swing dancing. We will cover only the most popular styles used in Texas today. Even though all of our instructors do teach all styles of  Swing Dances, here is a list of the most popular social styles in Texas today:

- East Coast Swing is also known as Six-count Swing, or Triple-Step Swing. 

East Coast Swing is often danced to jazz, blues, rock & roll, pop, or country music.

-Single-Time Swing, also known as Jitterbug Swing is very popular and often danced to faster swing music like, "In the Mood" or "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy". 

-West Coast Swing was developed in the 1940s, as a stylistic variation on the Los Angeles style of the Lindy Hop Swing Dance. It is a slotted dance and is done to a wide variety of music. You could West Coast swing to jazz, blues, country music, pop & contemporary music, hip hop music, and alternative rock & roll , to name a few.


-Western Swing was named  for jazz-influenced western music of the 1940s and, by extension, two-step, line dancing or swing dance done to such music. Country Western Swing Dancing has a distinct culture.  Country Western Swing teaches dips, lifts, aerials and flips. It adds variations from other country dances, swing styles, salsa and many more. 

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